Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Making it to Broadway and staying sane

Out of the Comfort Zone

They say that once you step out of your comfort zone you start living. I had no idea what I was walking into when I decided to write, produce and perform a drag show, but it has taken me places... Continue Reading →


Mind the Body

Last weekend we had eleven shows over four days, eight of which were done over two days in a row, back-to-back, four shows a day. I had been preparing for this climactic weekend for a few weeks now; observing my... Continue Reading →

En Rout-een; Tour Life

It's been three weeks since we hit the road with the Charlie Brown Christmas National Tour, and we've already had twenty shows in eleven different cities. This tour is a one nighter tour, meaning we spend one day on average... Continue Reading →

Tech(nical) Week

Tech week for Charlie Brown Christmas Live got me feeling quite technical about everything;  I found myself taking the word Tech quite literally, and kept a very technical attitude towards eating, sleeping and resting throughout the week. Every morning started... Continue Reading →

Booked it!

I started writing this blog nearly two years ago, while still living in Israel and dreaming of coming to New York and making it to Broadway. Well, I haven't made it to Broadway yet, but I have reached a mile-stone... Continue Reading →

The Gilded Age

When I booked my part in the show "Gilded", I was extremely happy and slightly skeptical; it was, after all, the first "real" show I booked after a year of hearing "No" in almost every audition I went to. On... Continue Reading →

Meeting Crains

During our three week rehearsal period for Gilded, we had a designer run; our first official run-through of the show with costumes, props, set changes and all. Our director invited some people to watch it so that she could get... Continue Reading →


I got my first YES about two months ago, and still haven't brought myself to write about it. Something about my joy was imperfect; I would have rather had my first YES be six months ago and for a Broadway... Continue Reading →

P to the Power of 3 – A Pep Talk

After much preparation over the weekend I went to audition for the national tour of RENT this morning. The day started off kind of rough with not wanting to get out of bed, but today I fought back; I got... Continue Reading →

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