After being a wandering Jew for the past six months, I finally moved to an apartment I can call my home; no sublet, no temporary engagements.

I also finally found two part time jobs; associate director for a musical concert company and physiotherapist’s assistant. The later is actually more than just a job for me, it’s an opportunity to glimpse at the world of physiotherapy and see if it’s the right path to follow as part of my future plans to become a therapist. With these two jobs, I can now finally start having an income, instead of just a constant flow of expenses.

This new state of financial balance and housing has given me a well needed sense of stability. Alas, before I got too comfortable, I already started worrying that I might be sabotaging my chances of getting into a Broadway show, because I have less time and energy to spend on “just going to auditions”. However, I shall not be tempted to worry so, because I have already learned that it takes much more than just going to auditions, to get that ticket to Broadway.

My experiences in the last few months have changed my perspectives on what it takes to get cast in a show. For example, the fact that I don’t have any experience in American theater, might make me a little less desirable in some directors’ opinion. And in order to fill that gap, and get to add some local credits to my resume, I have I have to scout for opportunities to be seen. Many of these potential opportunities don’t pay well, if at all, and that is something I’m absolutely willing to go through, which is why having those part-time jobs as my financial stabilizers, is crucial.

Bit by bit, gig by gig, I hope to build my way up to success. I calm my worries of getting too comfortable with the thought that this home and these jobs are not my goals, but rather the means with which to achieve my goals. Still, I don’t think I’ll pass on the opportunity to sit back and relax, from time to time, and just enjoy the fact that I am now a working man with a place to live. Sometimes, that can mean the world to me.