It’s one thing to believe that all beginnings are hard, and a whole other thing to actually go through one. I am far from despairing, but am not finding it easy getting turned down in auditions, on a nearly daily basis. Lucky for me – not every “no” is enunciated; most auditions just end and you never hear back from them, but nonetheless, some actually include a cut, and being cut – what can I say, is not my idea of a good time.

On the other hand, I have been firing in all directions since I’ve gotten here. Iv’e taken dance classes and have applied for work at three different dance centers, one of which was the Peridance Capezio Center. My friend Eliana (see also Shabbos-Dinner-Table Wonders) had told me she found ‘Peridance’ much more easygoing and chill than the other ones. When I walked in there to take a class, I immediately felt what she was talking about; I felt comfortable and welcome, and that the people behind the counter actually cared about me.

It was also my first Tap class in the city, so I was excited to try on my brand new tap shoes and give them a go. I took the basic-beginners’ (only) one hour long class, but I got my money’s worth of working out and practicing, inspired by my ballet-dancer’s perseverance. As I wended my way back home, I felt the satisfying burn of my worn out muscles. The train to Long Island was packed, and people weren’t sitting all the way in on their benches, but rather taking some extra space for their precious Y-generation egos. Feeling like I couldn’t stand on my feet much longer, I kindly asked a young man nursing his i-phone to move over and let my worked-off ass take a seat.

After not hearing back from any dance center for a while, I received a summoning to an interview in the Peridance Capezio Center this morning. The great thing about fire-and-forget is that you never know when the bread you have cast upon the waters will come sailing back up your stream. The summoning also said that the interview will be taking place today. Now what’s great about not having a job besides auditioning, is that you can show up for an interview on six hours notice.  Here goes.