Sunday marked my first audition of the season. A local Israeli children’s theater is producing a rendition of the original tale of Mulan, the cross dressing Chinese warrior.

My friend and Theatrical G’Dmother Kim, directed me to a perfect vocal audition piece for the role of the army commander – “Red and Black” (aka -“ABC Cafe”) from Les Miserable. The part I sang (Eljolras: “It is time for us all to decide who we are…”) resembled the Disney’s Mulan’s “Be a Man” (The commander’s song) in many ways, so it was yet another streak of genius by Kim, and certainly not the last.

My audition coach, Eidan, helped me charge the song with a variety of emotional colors, portraying a rich acting vocabulary. More so, Eidan’s detailed knowledge of the audition world has turned me into a professional auditionner in only four meetings (So far)! I was the only one to come in with a folder containing notes and markings of six teen bars, and nearly the only one who had actually thought about the connection between the part I was auditioning for and the song I was singing.

So my main observation from the singing audition was that I have a great audition coach, and that I am preparing for Broadway level auditioning, and that made me very happy. On the performing side, I did well. The dancing audition was in my pocket from the start. Aside from getting this audition through the choreographer, who knows me and my capabilities – I was obviously the only professional dancer in the audition. So it basically made me feel like I’m over qualified for this production as far as dancing, and that brought a wide range of feelings to me – stretching from pride and self satisfaction to demoted-dancer-self-esteem (What-the-hell-am-I-doing-here).

The acting audition was a disappointment. I had felt like I didn’t stand a chance against the macho looking straight acting guys, who did a fine effort in portraying an Israeli straight military commander – which is the type that the casting director was indiscreetly insinuating upon our audition. I felt that after doing so well in the first two parts, and standing out high above the others – I am now subject to type casting in a manner that is out my hands. So rather than trying to act out a straight, scrappy Israeli commander (I myself was an officer in the army, but a rather reasonable, delicate, non aggressive one) I intended on going for something that came more natural to me – and to show off who I am as a character. In the end, after seeing everyone else acting out a forceful scruffy macho, I freaked out and ended up being over cognitive during my try. I felt like I wasn’t doing a good job as I was going. I had too many distracting thought like “They can see that you haven’t gone to acting school…”.

A day later I got a call from the producer informing me that I passed the audition and am invited to be a part of the Mulan musical Ensemble. I didn’t fake my un-enthusiasm. This was also one of the first revelations of my long denied Ego. “Are you not happy to hear this?” she asked over the phone. “No, thank you, this is great news. When can we discuss the terms”, I finally asked.

So to be candid – this couldn’t get any better. I had a 67% perfect audition, with 33% of healthy doubt. I’ve provoked my ego to rise to the surface ( I should dedicate a separate post to this matter, soon) and can now deal with its implications. I have been offered to join a chorus of a musical which will bring me money, experience and additional CV credentials. I will easily stand out as a dancer and an acrobat, to say the least, and the theater has even agreed to sign me in with a swinger so that I won’t have to give up my job in West Side Story, in case of shows clash.

Seriously, who could ask for anything more?

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