Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Making it to Broadway and staying sane

Changing Strategies

During the audition drought of July, I helplessly sat on my bed and realized that my strategy of consistently showing up to auditions and doing nothing else - was starting to wear me out. My friends kept telling me that... Continue Reading →


When You’re Weary

It's been more over three months since I came to New York and here I am in the middle of July, not knowing where I'm headed. Stuck with a sublet till the end of the month, and facing a drought... Continue Reading →

Keeping The Faith

It's been ten weeks since I came here and started auditioning. The first wave was a dense bulk of over twenty auditions I had done within six weeks. The more I auditioned the better I got; I learned how to... Continue Reading →

Call Back

My first call backs finally came through, and brought about a bundle of experiences. My first callback was for "A Chorus Line". It would be the the second production of that show I'd be auditioning for in only four weeks.... Continue Reading →

From omens to ‘Amen’s (The Road Not Taken – Part 2)

During the years of Yeshiva studies and Army service I agonized over whether or not dance was a career for me to pursue and couldn't help feeling like my feet had not yet danced the final word. When the time came to make... Continue Reading →

The Road Not Taken – Part 1

In his poem "The Road Not Taken", Robert Frost depicts a man who gets to a fork in the road and has to make up his mind which one to choose. He sighs as he wonders how such choices make a critical... Continue Reading →

Measure in Love

My friend Natalie is a very special example of inspiration. She and I met at the auditions for West Side Story, in late 2015. After being teamed as a dance couple, we hit it off right away and have been close friends... Continue Reading →

Good Things Come to those who Tap

It's one thing to believe that all beginnings are hard, and a whole other thing to actually go through one. I am far from despairing, but am not finding it easy getting turned down in auditions, on a nearly daily basis. Lucky... Continue Reading →

Beginner’s Luck

Auditions just happen; you just go with that authentic excitement that you get when doing something for the first time. My first time was the dancers' audition for "Natasha Pierre and The Great Comet of 1812", and it went wonderfully. As... Continue Reading →

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