Yochai Greenfeld is an American-Israeli dancer, actor and singer. He was born and raised in Israel, and started training as a competitive gymnast at the age of eight. At the age of four-teen, he started training in acting with the Encounter Youth Theater Company and the JEST Musical Theater Company, and started dancing with the Mehola youth company.  During those years he started training as a singer and cantor (Bel-Canto).

​When he turned eight-teen, he devoted two years to Judaic studies in a Yeshivah, and five years to a military service as an Intelligence officer in the IDF.

Upon his dismissal from his military service, at the age of twenty-five, he put on his dance shoes on and went back into the studio at the Rubin Academy on Music and Dance. After getting back in shape, he started dancing for the JAMD Ensemble and then got a contract with the Fresco-Dance-Company.

​At the age of 28, he returned to musical theater, as he joined the Cameri Theater’s production of West Side Story, and the Porat Theater’s musical production of Mulan.